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Frankenknits column for summer knitty.

Most recent spate of tech editing.

The pattern for No Sheep... has been sent off.

The sweater for No Sheep... is knit, seamed and blocked. When it's dry, it goes off to Colorado.

My pattern has been accepted to Big Girl Knits 2! I'm still swatching to get it just right. It should be a lot of fun to create!

to do

announce frankenKnits logo/t-shirt contest. so go over there and check it out.

re-edit pattern and photograph finished thing for fall knitty... i love this pattern!

continue swatching and planning my entry in Big Girl Knits 2. Knit Bigger? I'm really excited about this pattern. It should be lots of fun to create.

write that fall Frankenknits column!

i still haven't done a thing with the fibercraft classes. i'd love to, but they keep falling to the bottom of the list. mainly because...

the two most recent developments:

I've found a co-author for the historical knitting thing. This makes the project into something cool and fun rather than overwhelming. Stay tuned.

I've been thinking about a new book project. No details yet, but this is definitely the most pre-occupying thing on my plate right now!

I have lots of brain and computer work to do, but nothing to knit... other than swatches, swatches, swatches. But one still needs a real project. I mean, your station wagon project can't really be swatches. Too many balls and needles. And I know better than to try to measure gauge on the steering wheel or my knee.

But I have an idea... Actually, I have several ideas. I love this part of knitting/designing. At first a vague dissatisfied void. What AM I supposed to be doing? And then ideas start coming in to the void. Where you sketch and imagine and play, examine people's clothing on the street... but as yet it's not tied to reality and the fact that you're going to have to figure out how to get the sleeve cap to match the armscye in 4 sizes has not really even intruded past the threshold of your knitting brain.

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