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my summer vacation

We've had our big trip of the summer -- fly to DC, minivan to NC for a great 4 generations/1 roof weeklong reunion. It was a great trip, but any trip you take with young children should not be confused with "taking it easy". I have come to terms with that over the years. And also the recognition that family vacations are truly the stuff of memories. So I figure I've succeeded in making some mark on my children's brains for now.

Since our return, the girls have been at daycamp at the local highschool. And this, I have to say, is a vacation unparalleled in my recent history. 9:00 to 4:00. I don't think I've had that many hours to myself in, uh, well, about 9 years. And not just one day, but days. Add to that that it took a while for people to catch up to the fact that I was home. No one was asking me to do anything new.

So I've painted the fence, washed the windows and reinstalled the screens, contemplatively strolled the aisles of the grocery store, trimmed some shrubbery with an oversized electric turkey-knife, cleaned out the garage and the craft room, experimented with sardines, written Frankenknits for fall, talked to a publisher, watched television, knit, let my mind wander. And still found myself pleasantly surprised that there was still time left in the day.

posted by kristi at 7/18/2006 06:41:00 AM
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