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So I was looking today at my blog and thinking about knitting blogs in general and waxing nostalgic over the last, umm, four and a half years. My first post was March 25, 2002. I certainly haven't posted with regularity during that time, but, wow, that's a long time! Older than Knitty.

And, the root of my nostalgia, the knit bloggers web ring, started that same month, March 2002. My membership has lapsed, hopelessly out of date, but I will note, for the sake of nostalgia, that my original number was 35 in the webring, assigned, as I recall, by a lottery, as the early numbers are not chronological. And in one of those rocking chair "I remember when..." moments, I remember when one could -- and did -- surf the entire ring each day.

Vive les knitblogs!

posted by kristi at 9/28/2006 06:55:00 AM
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