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Book writing has begun in earnest. I've got a monsterous yarn order to put in and then send off to the four corners of North America for knitting. In the mean time, I'm in full design mode.

I love designing things. Really, if you push me, I'll say that I like it more than actually knitting them. The knitting is relaxing, something that can be done while my brain is otherwise occupied. But designing things absorbs me completely. Measuring. Doing arithmetic. Figuring slopes, hypotenuses, wingspans, sleeve depths. Mapping a series of numbers, a string of code, onto the three dimensional body.

On my desk: Pencils and pens. Calculator. The Craft Yarn Council's sizing standards, stitch dictionaries. Half done swatches, thrown to the side. The gauge-o-matic. Graph paper, but mostly just scratch paper. Strings of numbers all over them. I write the actual pattern on the computer, so I don't think I'll ever have to revisit my scrawling logic, but I've decided to start labeling them and keeping them organized just in case. There's already a huge pile of papers and I'm not that far into this thing.

On the floor, today at least, a random sampling of our household's t-shirts to see what the relationship between width, length and sleeve depth tends to be on various things. The Craft Yarn Council does not, frustratingly, include any sort of arm width measurements. So sleeve width is always a great unknown and I have to resort to other means. So if I come at you with a tape measure, don't be disarmed. It's just research.

posted by kristi at 10/03/2006 02:17:00 PM
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