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Here're some swatches because I can't actually show you the more exciting things I have to show you... Like for instance, I've received my first batch of finished items back from the hired hands. One stole, one shawl and one coat. The coat I'm honestly most excited about because it's a whole garment. And it fits, well, ME... just like it was supposed to.

Think about that for a moment while it sinks in... I just paid someone to handmake a garment for me. This is heady stuff, folks. I sit here and think for a while. And do that weird thing with the tape measure and the graph paper and the swatching in my pajamas for a while. And then I ask someone to send me some yarn. And then I send the yarn to someone else. And she knits it into the thing I thought of. Wow.

posted by kristi at 12/09/2006 08:10:00 PM
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