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Okay, so mostly things are mundane but three cool things this week:

During my usual knitting class on Wednesday, the shop's phone rings. It's one of my students calling from Bangkok to get talked through the shoulders of the sweater we've been working on -- her idea, her knitting, my design. Holy three-ring bind-offs, Batman!

I've heard from my editorial team at Wiley that Knitting Patterns for Dummies will feature a black and white photograph of each main project accompanying the pattern. This is great news because while the color insert was going to showcase samples of all the patterns, there's nothing like actually seeing what you want to make on the same page as the pattern.

And finally, imagine my surprise when I finally got a chance to look over the recent issue of Yarn Market News (the yarn industry's trade magazine). I was combing through the book reviews and read this by Cheryl Krementz:
NO SHEEP FOR YOU by Amy R. Singer

Singer's a glass-half-full kind of gal. As devoted as she is to knitting, she hasn't let a cruel allergy to wool get her down: she's simply done her research, opening up a whole world of wool-free fibers for the rest of us.... Oh, and the patterns -- accommmodating to larger bust sizes, in fine Big Girl Knits fashion -- are to die for, especially Kristi Porter's intoxicating mosaic-bodiced lace-sleeved sweater in silk. Don't feel so sorry for Amy now, huh?"

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