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I'm sure I've said this before: I am fascinated both by how familiar my children are to me and by how unlike me they are. This is one of those things about one's offspring: at some moments you know exactly how they feel or remember having the exact same reaction to something or you see the same expression in the face of your spouse. And at times, even from their tiniest babyhood, they are just unknowable. Different. Themselves. And I suppose you spend a lifetime trying to sort that out.

I can't find the photo of me that I wanted to to juxtapose with this one, but in it, at about the same age, I am wearing dangerously plaid pants, my orange handknit sweater with applique ducky, and a red laplander style hat. You'll have to trust me that Ella and I do share a certain aesthetic.

Here's some schoolwork Ella recently brought home. They were supposed to make a book of things that rhyme with "ball".

That's how you spell "shawl" in kindergarten. But a brilliant choice -- I bet none of the other kids came up with that!

posted by kristi at 2/11/2007 08:12:00 AM
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