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the birds and the bees

It's spring here. Totally and undeniably spring. Actually we're well into spring. Things are in bloom and I wake to the sound of birds chirping, almost to the point of parody. In the back yard, I am enormously pleased that a hummingbird is nesting in the same tree as last year. She's already raised two babies that flew out in late January and now there seems to be action again. These are ruby throated hummingbirds. While marvelous, they are pretty common around here. So the other day I was very excited when I saw a very tiny, tiny bird hovering around my lavender. The bird was no larger than one head of lavender. How exciting! How rare! Wonderful! I went out and managed to capture it on film. Later, we broke out the bird book and tried to identify it. Turns out, it's not a hummingbird at all, but a sphinx moth. Not a tiny bird but a big bug. Funny how perceptions of the same thing change.

the book

I'm getting my Knitting Patterns for Dummies ducks in a row for next week's 3rd quarter deadline. I'm handing in Chapters 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and all the scrap art for the remainder of the book. This translates to a lot of swatching. Chart drawing, and trying to get files in the correct format at the right size. By my count, I have three swatches left to knit.

the bugs, the beasts and the charismatic megafauna

I'm also making costumes for Ella's kindergarten production of Eric Carle's The Grouchy Ladybug. Ella will be playing the title role! So mark your calendars for March 30th and think grouchy thoughts. I love Eric Carle, but I have to say, while a ladybug costume is pretty straightforward, stag beetle, hyena, and a whale costume large enough for two kindergarteners are less run-of-the-mill costume wise!

the birthday

Finally, The Domestic Sphere has reasons to celebrate. This post is number 500. Also, next week, the 25th of March will mark the 5th anniversary of this weblog. Happy birthday, blog!

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