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It's pink in there

Johnny Cash once said of his closet, "It's dark in there." Zoe's laundry basket? It's pink in there. Zoe has chosen to wear pink almost exclusively for hmm, somewhere around three years? Maybe more. Sometime in first grade I think, we started moving to pink. She's not particularly vocal about it, but it is her uniform, and the not-pink items just don't really get worn. I will say that it has made clothes and getting dressed a non-issue...

Once at a friend's house she got wet and had to borrow clothes. A blue sweatshirt? Leo and I couldn't stop staring at her.

On to knitting news. I'm working on the mini stitch dictionary portion of Knitting Patterns for Dummies. It's a whole different ball of wax from writing patterns and is going pretty smoothly. Lots of swatch knitting, which is strangely satisfying.

Anyway, I was trying to come up with some "multiple of 8, plus 3" lace patterns. One of the sweater patterns calls for this stitch count, and I love the one I used, but since I'm including a couple of lace patterns in the front of the book, I want to have them be easy substitutes for the one in the pattern. So, multiple of 8, plus 3.

I've been looking through stitch dictionaries and even done some web searches based solely on that stitch count. Found a lace I thought was good (these all need to be pretty short and simple. I want plain wrong side rows and not more than about 10 rows to the repeat.). I couldn't see it clearly in the picture. Swatched it. Didn't like it. Came to think it was a typo and what would happen if Row 4 were shifted over 1 stitch? Swatched that. What if I changed these 2 decreases to a single double decrease? Then there was too much "blank space" between the lacy bits. I tried a couple of things and decided the best was to throw a purl in there. That would give more attention to the vertical thing that was happening and pull in that space a bit, like a very mild rib. Now I'm getting somewhere! This is on today's swatch list.

So this morning, I plug some other variation of "mult of 8 sts, plus 3" into google. And found the exact lace pattern that I had just made up! And it does look good.

posted by kristi at 3/08/2007 05:54:00 AM
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