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The final quarter of the book is due tomorrow! And honestly it's pretty much been a coast to the finish. I overloaded my early quarters and so the fourth quarter was light. The hardest thing to write was possibly the last, the introduction. Only because I thought about it too much. Still, I've been working along at a steady pace on it and its thousand little things, and I've done two tech-editty final readthroughs on books this month. I felt connections to both projects so I really wanted to do my little part on them. And, when you've been contemplating your navel for a while, it's really nice to read someone else's words for a change. They were both really good looking books that you'll enjoy too: Kat Coyle's Boho Baby Knits and Lotta Jansdotter's Lotta Prints. Anyway, in my head I was giving myself time off for good behavior after this. But when I spoke to my editor this week she reminded me that author review starts Tuesday. This means that I'll be receiving the book in five batches to look over for any mistakes and fix things that have become clear in the intervening months (like for instance, once the knitters were through knitting them). So I'll have one week to turn each batch around. Which pretty much takes us up to the start of summer vacation. I did have friends over to dye yarn on Monday, and went exploring some antique shops with a friend on Tuesday... so it's not as though it's all work and no play. And I'm knitting on two extra-curricular projects -- the Norah-gami cardigan and a lace shawl with the yarn that Zoe dyed. I'll just say regarding dyeing, that the skeins my kids dyed came out way cooler than mine. I guess there's something to be said for just diving in, eh?

posted by kristi at 5/20/2007 07:50:00 AM
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