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goodbye, columbus

My week in Columbus was a whirlwind. Here are some photos from TNNA. I'll follow up with the photoshoot stuff in a couple of days. I got to catch up with some old pals and finally meet face to face with people it seems almost impossible that I haven't actually been in the same room with.

Kim Werker gets giddy with crochet designers Robyn Chacula and Amy O'Neill Houck over the galleys of the Crochet Me book... which she hadn't seen prior to spying it on the New Products table.

Drew doing his impression of a Wolverine.

Here I am with the poster for Knitting Patterns for Dummies at the Wiley booth. Careful readers will note that I am wearing Amy Singer's Habu Silk and Steel scarf. I totally want to get a couple of skeins of steel/wool to knit with.

Nathania, Amy and Cookie A at the Potter Craft Party. I coerced Amy and Jillian into bringing me as their date. Potter always has good food and goodie bags, so it was well worth crashing.

Here, Amy teaches Amy to crochet. In the back, Jillian's getting pointers from Doris Chan.

And here're Cookie and Jillian getting silly in the lobby. This was really only the tip of the iceberg on silly for the evening. Ask the waitstaff at the Tip Top about knitters some time.

Finally, Amy Singer and Eunny Jang closing out the show on Monday.

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