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Lots has been going on here in the domestic sphere. I finished norah-gami*. Actually, I finished it at TNNA (late at night in the hotel room -- it's only received hotel room blocking, as I watched George Harrison parade about in a crochet sweater {really!} while Yoko Ono ululated on PBS, and yanked out the ironing board at 12:30 to do so...] and wove in my ends inside the convention center the next morning using Lexie Barnes' scissors). I love it, though of course it's been pretty warm to wear it just now.

A simultaneous thing-in-the-brain has been to do some potato stamping on fabric. Ever since doing a final read-through on Lotta Jansdotter's Lotta Prints (not yet listed, but keep your eye out for it), I've been captivated by the idea of doing some printing. And since since my norah-gami has that goes with everything/goes with nothing quality, I figured it was a prime candidate. The simple potato stamp on the pants mirrors the horseshoe/umbrella/tulip of the lace. It was so much fun, it will be slightly surprising if all my boring clothes don't end up printed.

*My friend Laurie and I are starting our own Norah Gaughan fanclub here it seems. She's knitting the hexagon tank from Knitting Nature (which I've been eyeing too). It also turns out that Laurie graduated from Brown the same year as Norah, and she reckons they must have unknowingly crossed paths.

posted by kristi at 7/04/2007 05:54:00 PM
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