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meet andromeda

...or at least her fleece. Leo's cousin Elizabeth sent me the fleece from her sheep, Andromeda. A Lincoln/Finn/Romney mix, I gather. As anyone with any experience in such matters will tell you, fleece is pretty sheepy. And dirty. So I've been experimenting with cleaning methods, combing methods, and so on.

It cleans up pretty darn good. Creamy. Soft. Crimpy. All things that are good for spinning, I gather.

More fun than playing with cleaning, however, is just playing.

Ella and I dyed this chunk of fleece with Kool-aid and then I felted it haphazardly to give it a bit of structure so it won't fall apart. I love the natural fleecy qualities of it, the locks and irregularities... and the watermelonish colors.

posted by kristi at 9/04/2007 02:57:00 PM
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