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So many things are going on these days... so here's a brief catch-up.

My book, Knitting Patterns for Dummies is due out imminently. Officially the beginning of October and I keep checking my porch to see if my copy's arrived. The For Dummies series is printed in the U.S. and so when it's printed it's almost ready to ship. Typically knitting books are printed in China and a few copies are sent by air, so the author gets advance copies well before the rest of them (arriving on the proverbial slow boat) make it to market. While I've seen it all in bits and pieces and have a good idea what it will look like, I still have not actually seen it. And each time a truck rolls down the street I have to go and check to see if it's the delivery guy with my book....

Today is the day that my sister, at long last, will meet her new daughter. She is in China with her husband and my niece, Claire, and I've just heard that today is THE day. They will meet Charlotte and bring her home soon. I keep clicking on their blog to see them united...

This weekend I'm heading up to my hometown, Olympia, Washington, for my 20th high school reunion. It'll be interesting to see what people have done with the last 20 years. Also, of course, singing a mid-80's soundtrack and trying to figure out what to wear!

I finally got my invitation to join Ravelry! I've not spent long poking around but I am particularly giddy that there is a patterns> designers> kristi porter page, where one can click and see all kinds of people knitting things that I designed. How cool is that?

posted by kristi at 9/18/2007 11:10:00 AM
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